About the Tool Kit

This section of the Tool Kit provides you with information about the origins and contributors to the Tool Kit, how to provide feedback, and more general information such as accessibility, terms & conditions and copyright.

Scope of the Tool Kit
Information about the aims of the Tool Kit, how information is presented and collaborating organisations.

The origin of the Tool Kit
Why and how the Tool Kit was developed.

Site feedback
A simple form to complete to let us know what you think about the content and layout of the Tool Kit, or tips that you think others may find useful.

Feedback guidelines
Guidelines on providing tips or research scenarios that you think others may find useful.

List of contributors to the Tool Kit.

Key to symbols
Provides a key to the symbols used within this Tool Kit.

Information on accessible features of the Tool Kit.

Terms & conditions
This section explains about the status of the information within this Tool Kit.

Copyright notice
Notice about copyright of the information contained within this Tool Kit.

Freedom of information
This page provides links to MRC policies on Freedom of Information.

Contact us
How to provide feedback on the Tool Kit, or contact the MRC.