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Welcome to the Data and Tissues Tool Kit

New in 2015

The Health Research Authority are currently developing the new HRA approval system, which will ultimately replace NHS R&D management permission and CSP. They have already started a phased development process and will continue to roll-out the new system this year. For more please see the HRA Approval webpage.

In March 2015, the EU rejected amendments to the Data Protection Regulation which had threatened health research.  This decision was in no small part influenced by lobbying activities which are still ongoing:

The UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre was launched in March to support the work of biobanks by improving access to their human tissue samples for research purposes.

This site was developed by the MRC, in close collaboration with NRES and NIGB (now part of the Health Research Authority), HTA, NHS R&D Forum, AMS and other UKCRC partners. It is updated by the MRC Regulatory Support Centre.

Ready to use a Route Map?

The route maps take you through the process of setting up, managing and finishing a research project. Click on each station to obtain more information on that particular stage in the process.

Organisations & Policies

Information for research managers in universities, NHS organisations and research units on the Research passport, HTA Inspections, research management tools, etc.

Research Scenarios

Examples of how legislative and good practice requirements can be implemented in particular research projects.

MRC Regulatory Support Centre

Support and guidance for those conducting research with human participants, their tissues or data