Research Scenarios

This section demonstrates how legislative and good practice requirements can be implemented by using examples of research projects. These scenarios are based on a few hot topics highlighted through the UKCRC Regulatory & Governance Advice Service and now through the MRC Regulatory Support Centre's remote advice service, and as such are generalised versions of responses to questions. This section of the site is a work in progress, as topics are identified, new scenarios will be developed and shared here.

  • Access to patient records

    Examination of the consent requirements for research access to identifiable confidential patient information.

  • Archiving

    A summary of MRC and Department of Health guidance on archiving of research records.

  • Research analysis of human DNA and RNA

    A clarification on the legislative requirements concerning the analysis of extracted human DNA and RNA in research projects.

  • Research use of an existing collection of human samples

    This scenario details the relevant requirements of the Human Tissue legislation, and approvals required in order to begin a study that involves the research use of an existing collection of samples.