Planning & Funding: Consultation with patient/participant groups

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When designing a study, it is important to consult with the public, patient and consumer groups, this helps to promote research activity that is:

  • relevant to people’s needs and concerns,
  • reliable, and
  • more likely to be used.

It can help to ensure acceptability with the proposed study population and also develop consent materials which are fit for purpose.

The following resources provide links to web pages and leaflets that outline the importance of involving the public, patients and consumer groups when designing research studies, and the manner in which this should be done.


  • 1. INVOLVE website

    INVOLVE promotes public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research, and provide useful advice on how to involve members of the public in research activities.

    Good practice for data Date added: 6 December 2006
  • 2. INVOLVE leaflet: Public involvement in research grant applications

    INVOLVE guidelines for researchers interested in public involvement in preparing grant applications.

    Good practice for data Date added: 6 December 2006
  • 3. People in Research website

    People in Research aims to help members of the public make contact with organisations that want to actively involve people in clinical research.

    Good practice for all research Date added: 5 September 2007